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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intel Visual Life - The Sartorialist

Leaf house in Rio

This cool house just fits the perfect country, Brazil. I like this picture 'cause you can tell the designer or the home owner loves the tropical vibe, the luxury and most importantly I have a feeling  he/she enjoys that place to the fullest.

And this is the way it looks inside! Amazing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo Crush

I'm addicted to this photograph. I just can't get it off my head, I love giraffes, I just do. What a lovely picture, I think is perfect. The bricks, the shades, the patterns, this is perfection. Credits to: Faisal Almalki

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blue and Gold for summer

I bought this for my next vacations! I'll leave my office at the end of Jan and I won't come back until March! YAY!  My husband has booked an apart hotel in front of the beach and I can't wait to stick my toes in the sand, that feeling is priceless! Oh and I also wanna get rid of all the negative vibes but swimming in salt water, I've heard that cleans all your energy and I strongly believe you reconnect with yourself and I can't wait to do that, I really need it! 

So, I was looking for a new bikini and I found this one, I loved it! I always get the triangle shapes (I don't know why), so this is definitely a change, it's so cute but I felt flirty when I tried it on. Oh and when I was on my way to pay for it, this gold sandals started to wave at me, so  whoever put those there, needs to get a promotion or even apply to be the store manager or something. Now I just need to start the countdown so that I can take off!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I won some shoes!

Early this morning I found out @ that I won something to die for. I won some amazing shoes! This definitely made my day and my entire week! I wanted to win sooo bad that I got it! yay! I am so happy, this is the way I feel right now.  Shoes are the best prize ever!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I was a MC in my past life.

I think I was a rapper in my past life, 'cause the first thing that I would do if I had cash; I'd by a house just for my friends to go and be served, LOL! A place to entertain my friends and relatives, a place in a beach, Mia, Dominican Republic, puerto rico etc. Of course the first thing will be to have a nice bar, a pool and all the rest.

I love this place, nice lines, dark wood, a pool, palm trees!

And that's not all, can you see the little "bridge" to go into the lounge. I just imagine having some mojitos rigth there *drools*
And this is the way it looks at night!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lovely bookend

Isn't this a wonderful idea? I just heart this! I guess this reminds me of my teenage years when I would even eat with my skates, they were the bomb! Congrats to Harry Allen

Beautiful Purple Party Deco

So my PR teacher gave us an assignment to chose the perfect party deco and this is what I found! This was my option, is mainly for weddings but with the right china and a little twist this can be used for any occasion.

Pharrell William's Crib in MIA

So a friend of mine sent me the link to Pharrell's William crib @ MIA, of course the ocean view is breathtaking, but the cool thing about this house is how he has decorated it; he just doesn't care to follow patterns, he just cares about liking his place, and that's what makes a home. Oh the brown stairs, of course, just nails this place.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hoop earrings make guys horny

Yes! Yes Yes! I don't know what's the scientific reason but Hoop Earrings make guys horny as hell.  So if you wanna flirt, just put this on and you are ready to ramble.  As soon as I wear them  my husband says hey you are wearing big earrings...and this got me thinking. What is it about this earrings that get so much attention? The shape? mmm don't know but they work!

I personally,  think you have to be very very picky when it comes to deciding which suit you best, not all of them look good... I don't wear them all the time, just when I wanna feel as hot fire, this nails it, but don't over do it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I just gotta thing for zebras

I totally, totally adore them! I love their happy tails, the B&W,  they are just perfect

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fruits = Youth

There is two reasons to post this picture: Strawberries and Mickey, life can't get any girlier than that. So I went to the supermarket and I did just that, bought lots of fruits!  Having a healthy fridge, just puts me in a good mood!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fridge letters are friendly graffitis

This is the first time I've seen "Fridge letters" used in such a cool way. I love what it says too, sometimes we get way too damn formal and we forget that we are fun human beings. The best part of this picture is the clear example of that business man in the back!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lenny Kravitz - If You Can't Say No

Okay since I was talking about Motels, I guess I'll post the hottest song from the one and only Lenny!

Motels anyone?

Of course I've been to one more than once, and I really mean more than ne LOL, but now that I'm "older" I just rather stay home 'cause if I wanna use another bed then I just go to my beach apt or I get creative in my four walls. Recently, I don't dig the the idea of going to a place that I don't know how clean it is, damn I sound old.... But after seeing a documentary of how dirty the motel bedsheets are, and everything else has "fluids",  I'm kinda of scared, but mostly it gross me out, and honestly, now that I'm 29 I want to see something more creative than a jungle or an Arabic oasis, you name it, but I would give it a second thought if my hubby took me to Japan to this funky motel, full of neon lights.

I would totally take those mini clorox wipes and get ready to see the milky way.

 I finally, I would wear this magical skirt.

Afros are for stars

I just love Afros, but mostly, I love how the African culture symbolize how proud they are to be black by having the coolest and puffiest Afro you can find. Well of course, you can find lots of hair-styles, but this is my favorite, I love how people just let it be.

I remember growing up and seeing the best or weirdest-funkiest hairstyles you can ever imagine. I saw my mom's friends doing my friends hairs with patience and determination; that is just a priceless memory I have to remind me of that super strong culture.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wishlist = Polaroid

I made a promise to myself that I would buy a Polaroid, and this is the reason why. Pictures look amazing, is definitely an added value. Everyone deserves a Polaroid in their life, as simple as that.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Incense bath!

BADLY! I'll do that today, to get rid of all the negative vibes people sent my way. What I do is stand and light up a good incense and pass it all over my body in circles, I feel so better after that I do that! I'll be using some Bob Marley Insence I bought in Jamaica.

brown stripe curtain fabric

This is where I need to be right now... In this beautiful bathtube with a huge window! 
I really need to get some brown stripe fabric to make lovely curtain like this. source

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cute wood magnets

Magnets and I have a history but we still remain friends. Like everyone else, there was a part in my life that I would buy every poop with a magnet on it,  but it was alright 'cause I had like 8-10 magnets on my fridge which I think is the average from most people, but I have a aunt that if she could stick a magnet into her hubby's ass and put him upside down in her fridge, with a funny posture, she would do it! She has a whole collection, you name it, she has it.

But now, in my tiny apartment less is always better, so I found the cutest magnets ever! These square  brown wood magnets that just rock! I added pictures of my hubby and I, I love his hippie look there, when we were happily trapped in the jungle in the Caribbean for a week!

Oh I just got this stainless mirror so that I can pretend I have some company when I'm doing the dishes, LOL! Oh and yikes I just learned that even if they are stainless, they are not so easy to clean, you can still see fingerprints, but since I just got it this past weekend I still need to develop a better cleaning technique.

The black thing you see at the back (next to my elbow), is a black garbage back 'cause I'm painting a metal tricycle and I was careful enough not to ruin my hubby's paint job, he has been painting that balcony for TWO WEEKS... thanks God for blessing me with patience! Ay Dios...

 I've never felt so free, so alive, so happy in my entire life!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dream Kitchen Sink

I just ♥ everything about this amazing kitchen! I just heart Jeff Lewis' style, he is so smart and sophisticated, his taste and perfection is beyong anything else. I love the idea of the veggie sink, that just rocks!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Croco Choco (tiles)

After posting that beautiful bag below, I just have to post this amazing tiles from WALKER ZANGER. I love them so much that I plan to have them one day in my dream home, this is something that I will never be able to erase from my mind,  and best of all they are BROWN!  

Anyway I just love it has everything that you can imagine even metal tiles! I would do my entire kitchen with those... uuuuuuuu!

Well here is the croco tiles:

PS: I have nothing against crocodiles, they are a little intimidating and yes they eat zebras (my favorite animal) but then again, we all each other so is all good, no bad feelings.

Roll it up boys...

Don't you love when guys roll up their sleeves? Ohhh yeah! Well of course this easy look works amazingly for us girls as well, but since we have way more options to show off our beautiful skin, this casual-chic look makes them look sophisticated and so hot!  

The roll it up effect just turns us on, now guys if you add a vodka and a chocolate dessert there is 80.9% chance you will get laid.  

Here is Kanye West doing the best showing off posture ever! The bag is to die for, but... I would change the shoes though, but deep inside I know Mr. West is saying: Listen Ms. Brown I got 4 other Italian shoes inside this bag, shoes that you would never be able to afford, so wacha want me to wear b$tch! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hair salons are like restaurants

Okay so I was alone in town, so I decided to party my ass off in a positive way, nothing too dramatic but just to dance the night away and get some energy from those neons lights. So I had to go and wax my arms and all the rest you can image, so that I would be smokin' hot that day. And since I went to bed at 6AM on Friday it was almost impossible to keep my appointment but I got up anyway to go the hair salon on Saturday at 11:00AM. 

I arrive and the host says: Hi how are you would you like to have a coffee while you wait for a second, and I'm like yeah! I need it badly I only slept like 4 hours to get to this place, so a new girl comes in and I tell her, hey how are you with a smile on my face, please do (retouch) my roots "piolita", meaning, I wanted them to be natural and chic enough with a sexy twist. And she grabs my hair and says, damn you have good hair, it seems that you spend cash on it, you use good products, and  I said, yeah I take care of it so please do the piolita look. (that was a nice way of saying, you better not be hatin' so don't fuck it up). 

Then she says, oh you had a vogue haircut before right? and I'm like yeah it's taking me a yearrrrrrrr, to grow so I'm using good products and she goes yeah but we have to really really put it straight 'cause is a bit longer in the front and I was like yeahhh I know, okay lets do it and for the first time cut a bit of bangs, but not much just a bit sexy. And she cuts them like crap. Then I said, so you did an amazing job in the color dept but not soo good with the scissors and she says: yeah cause I'm a colorist, WTF! So why the heck did you wanted to cut my hair then? So this is when I understood something I always knew: That hair salons are like restaurants, the hairdresser acts like a waitress, and will offer you the entire menu just to get extra cash and if it's bad, there is a 95% you'll still gonna tip her. 

Now I have to go somewhere else and redo this bangs and the hair that took me a year,  will take 4 months grow back again. NOTE 1: The picture above should just have the middle finger 'cause that's how I feel of spending 100 bucks and now spend cash again to redo a job. NOTE 2: Is just a picture, I went to another salon, so don't sue me.  NOTE 3: My mom would say: hair grows.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Window Shopping in the Bronx

My hubby and I wanna go to NY for several reasons:
  1. Shopping for expensive crap at a good price
  2. Central Park
  3. Getting Hard-to-find ghetto treasures
  4. To get some Dr. Pepper
  5. To go to a Soul food restaurant and get some fresh corn bread
  6. To take lots B/W pictures
  7. To buy all the CDs I can grab!
Here is a picture of marvelous picture of Jamel Shabazz of two homies lookin' at the latest trends.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A great idea to separete spaces

This is a great way to separete rooms, or to create a new cool space. You can do this anywhere, in a bar, at home etc. What I like about these idea is that the fabric has a flowy vibe to it because it's cut in the middle. They also have lights on top, which just grants added value to this wonderful idea!!!

This is the perfect jacket!

I just love this jacket from Jeremy Scott for The Adidas Collection "ObyO Originals by Originals". This X-ray jacket would suit me so well for my next Smashing Pumpkins concert! They also have the pants, but I think that would be a little too much for me, but the jacket by it'self just rocks!  ♥

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where Brooklyn at?

The love that I have for Hip Hop started ever since I was a young girl. There was a time in my life that I lived with African Americans and that's all that we would listen to, LOL! The funniest thing was that I didn't know English back then, so understanding the lyrics and their jokes was so hard at first, but once you get it, you are just stuck with it for life. Like they say: "Once you try Black, you never go back"
This quote, of course, can be translated to many things... sexually, musically, even with fashion, 'cause a LBD is a must!

I had the best times of my life when I would be eating oranges with pepper and vinegar and scream like crazy when my song was on the radio, I was happy without having anything but music and friends to dance to all those lyrics.

I can also understand that some people hate Hip Hop because it can get extremely offensive, tacky etc or whatever, but to me is so much more than that, is powerful! Nowadays, Hip Hop is sooo much more than that! I love being classy and listening to the old school songs, and discover new amazing artists.  Here is something funny: One day I read that Natalie Portman loved listening to dirty Hip Hop and I said to myself: OMG, I'm glad she is not stuck in just one world and that she is confident enough to have fun and admitting it.  I have a feeling that a lot of people have songs that they secretly love because they are so ashame to admit it!

Anyway, I love this picture of this chic apartment 'cause it has a huge "poster" of the most popular streets.  I totally "dig" this style, the combination of Black, Brown just empowers the room.

PS 1: I ♥ when Hovito (Jay-Z) says: WHERE BROOKLYN @! 
PS 2: I wish I could give credit to this pic!

Love this look from Halle

You can never go wrong with Halle Berry, I love the fact that she had a baby and she is still looks modern, cool and HOT; and most importantly that she didn't change the way she dresses. Why the heck women change everything about themselves when they have a baby?  This  is truly an inspiration, which makes me believe that anything can happen when you have determination and you love yourself. 
credits to:

Friday, October 22, 2010

For ever young

The H&M campaign shows that age is just a consequence of time.

Juventud divino tesoro! ♥

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animal print = HOT!

The Kanye West effect

The Kanye west effect to me is to, is leaving everything behind that is holding you to follow your dream. Is being 100% convienced that you don't have anything to lose, that you are the best and that you have it in you. To some people he is an egocentric idiot, but to me he just another mother fucker just like you and me that had the guts to follow his dreams no matter what. He even dropped out of collage 'cause he knew he has something special, he didn't want to wait any longer. This is a good example of how convienced he was that he was going to make it, that to me is the KW effect.

How many times have we wanted to drop everything, become free and run towards our dreams?  I think we all know we have it in ourselves, no matter what it is, we know that when we are in front of that mirrow and nobody is there but us, we see that we are unique, and that we have something stong inside, something that we have to achieve just to say I did it! 

If you don't achieve your dreams, you'll be deprressed and I believe people can go crazy when they are fustrated, so ama go for it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The best fit

IMO, this is one of the best fit for a women's top when you want to look sexy, chic and also slim.  A high waisted skirt nails the look. I'm obsessed with high waisted skirts; I remember seeing my mom my mom wearing them when I was a little girl with her huge Stilettos , awww. I bought my first one about three years ago and trust me, this attracts testosterone more than anything! But what really caught my attention, was that little cut to show that model's tonned belly, that 's just so freakin' HOT! credits to the magnificent The Sartorialist