Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roll it up boys...

Don't you love when guys roll up their sleeves? Ohhh yeah! Well of course this easy look works amazingly for us girls as well, but since we have way more options to show off our beautiful skin, this casual-chic look makes them look sophisticated and so hot!  

The roll it up effect just turns us on, now guys if you add a vodka and a chocolate dessert there is 80.9% chance you will get laid.  

Here is Kanye West doing the best showing off posture ever! The bag is to die for, but... I would change the shoes though, but deep inside I know Mr. West is saying: Listen Ms. Brown I got 4 other Italian shoes inside this bag, shoes that you would never be able to afford, so wacha want me to wear b$tch! 


  1. hahhahah. funny i agree i am soo turned on by him in general but the rolled up shirt is turn on.. and the bag.oh my gosh!!! totally agree on shoes.hahahhaha ur so on it ur pics are soo beautiful even kanye. :))