Thursday, December 2, 2010

Motels anyone?

Of course I've been to one more than once, and I really mean more than ne LOL, but now that I'm "older" I just rather stay home 'cause if I wanna use another bed then I just go to my beach apt or I get creative in my four walls. Recently, I don't dig the the idea of going to a place that I don't know how clean it is, damn I sound old.... But after seeing a documentary of how dirty the motel bedsheets are, and everything else has "fluids",  I'm kinda of scared, but mostly it gross me out, and honestly, now that I'm 29 I want to see something more creative than a jungle or an Arabic oasis, you name it, but I would give it a second thought if my hubby took me to Japan to this funky motel, full of neon lights.

I would totally take those mini clorox wipes and get ready to see the milky way.

 I finally, I would wear this magical skirt.

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