Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where Brooklyn at?

The love that I have for Hip Hop started ever since I was a young girl. There was a time in my life that I lived with African Americans and that's all that we would listen to, LOL! The funniest thing was that I didn't know English back then, so understanding the lyrics and their jokes was so hard at first, but once you get it, you are just stuck with it for life. Like they say: "Once you try Black, you never go back"
This quote, of course, can be translated to many things... sexually, musically, even with fashion, 'cause a LBD is a must!

I had the best times of my life when I would be eating oranges with pepper and vinegar and scream like crazy when my song was on the radio, I was happy without having anything but music and friends to dance to all those lyrics.

I can also understand that some people hate Hip Hop because it can get extremely offensive, tacky etc or whatever, but to me is so much more than that, is powerful! Nowadays, Hip Hop is sooo much more than that! I love being classy and listening to the old school songs, and discover new amazing artists.  Here is something funny: One day I read that Natalie Portman loved listening to dirty Hip Hop and I said to myself: OMG, I'm glad she is not stuck in just one world and that she is confident enough to have fun and admitting it.  I have a feeling that a lot of people have songs that they secretly love because they are so ashame to admit it!

Anyway, I love this picture of this chic apartment 'cause it has a huge "poster" of the most popular streets.  I totally "dig" this style, the combination of Black, Brown just empowers the room.

PS 1: I ♥ when Hovito (Jay-Z) says: WHERE BROOKLYN @! 
PS 2: I wish I could give credit to this pic!


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