Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cute wood magnets

Magnets and I have a history but we still remain friends. Like everyone else, there was a part in my life that I would buy every poop with a magnet on it,  but it was alright 'cause I had like 8-10 magnets on my fridge which I think is the average from most people, but I have a aunt that if she could stick a magnet into her hubby's ass and put him upside down in her fridge, with a funny posture, she would do it! She has a whole collection, you name it, she has it.

But now, in my tiny apartment less is always better, so I found the cutest magnets ever! These square  brown wood magnets that just rock! I added pictures of my hubby and I, I love his hippie look there, when we were happily trapped in the jungle in the Caribbean for a week!

Oh I just got this stainless mirror so that I can pretend I have some company when I'm doing the dishes, LOL! Oh and yikes I just learned that even if they are stainless, they are not so easy to clean, you can still see fingerprints, but since I just got it this past weekend I still need to develop a better cleaning technique.

The black thing you see at the back (next to my elbow), is a black garbage back 'cause I'm painting a metal tricycle and I was careful enough not to ruin my hubby's paint job, he has been painting that balcony for TWO WEEKS... thanks God for blessing me with patience! Ay Dios...

 I've never felt so free, so alive, so happy in my entire life!


  1. Hola amigaaa! Buena idea de la ESA del espejo Junto al Fregadero, Una version si La Chica del Otro Lado Venta de Ayuda y te des fregar jaja P.
    Me gustan los Imanes, Nunca los habia Visto asi, Como un marco de foto, Hijo Muy Originales. Yo no los USO pq la nevera, panelada està, contraindicaciones madera, Pero me gustan parrafo jeje dejar notitas y Cosas. MUCHOS besos. Inma.

  2. Jajajajja, pasóoo Que, parece q no Escribir se: P jajajajaja. Inma

  3. :) so beautiful .. i love the almost looked fromt he 1st pic it was actually build in the fridge.. the 2nd pic i can see it.and they look sooo cute!!!! really both of u are painting..soo great!!!

  4. Gracias Inma!

    Thank you sugar, they rock! ♥