Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The best fit

IMO, this is one of the best fit for a women's top when you want to look sexy, chic and also slim.  A high waisted skirt nails the look. I'm obsessed with high waisted skirts; I remember seeing my mom my mom wearing them when I was a little girl with her huge Stilettos , awww. I bought my first one about three years ago and trust me, this attracts testosterone more than anything! But what really caught my attention, was that little cut to show that model's tonned belly, that 's just so freakin' HOT! credits to the magnificent The Sartorialist



  1. Yes!! Perfect fit and I'm a huge fan of high waisted skirts as well. Universally flattering and so elegant!!

    PS: Rihanna is a goddess!!!!! And she is SO talented and SO unique :P


  2. Thank you S+Y, I totally agree.

    And Rihanna rocks, lol