Thursday, November 4, 2010

Window Shopping in the Bronx

My hubby and I wanna go to NY for several reasons:
  1. Shopping for expensive crap at a good price
  2. Central Park
  3. Getting Hard-to-find ghetto treasures
  4. To get some Dr. Pepper
  5. To go to a Soul food restaurant and get some fresh corn bread
  6. To take lots B/W pictures
  7. To buy all the CDs I can grab!
Here is a picture of marvelous picture of Jamel Shabazz of two homies lookin' at the latest trends.


  1. I have added your reasons to go to NY to mines, and now I'm finding hard to find a reason not to buy the flight right now

  2. Hi Martina! Imagine all the CDS, all the accessories you can grab there! I just adore how NY has two sides so different and strong that are a part of who they are. The black african american who is willin' to say: Whatachalookin' at? and the preppy American who says: Excuse me 24 hrs a day. I just love how this multicultural environment is like the ying and yang, it needs eachother.

    Stay HOT!