Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blue and Gold for summer

I bought this for my next vacations! I'll leave my office at the end of Jan and I won't come back until March! YAY!  My husband has booked an apart hotel in front of the beach and I can't wait to stick my toes in the sand, that feeling is priceless! Oh and I also wanna get rid of all the negative vibes but swimming in salt water, I've heard that cleans all your energy and I strongly believe you reconnect with yourself and I can't wait to do that, I really need it! 

So, I was looking for a new bikini and I found this one, I loved it! I always get the triangle shapes (I don't know why), so this is definitely a change, it's so cute but I felt flirty when I tried it on. Oh and when I was on my way to pay for it, this gold sandals started to wave at me, so  whoever put those there, needs to get a promotion or even apply to be the store manager or something. Now I just need to start the countdown so that I can take off!


  1. Ahhhhhhhh, me encantaaaaa !! Con el moreno lo dorado quedará genial. Muy buena elección. Feliz año. Inma :D

  2. how sweet, great choice.

  3. Whatever place you go on holiday with your husband be aware you will be the number 1 fashionista at the beach..
    Gorgeous bikini

  4. Hola preciosa!!!!!! siento haber tardado tanto en contestar, he estado de viaje y super liada! me encanta tu bikini, qué envidia me das! ojalá pudiese calzarme un par de sandalias y salir al mar... feliz año a ti también!
    pd: por cierto, del post de las fotos, la última también era mi favorita! un beso enorme

  5. Please take me with you (haha) :P
    This is really cute, I'm liking the gold sandals.

  6. Thank you Lee! I stopped by your URL and I was happily shocked! I'll stop by there more often, promise! :D

    Martina, tantas lunas! Gracias por tu comentario. Disfruta tu viaje, yo me voy en un mes, pero este bikini tuve que comprarlo ahora ya! Un abrazo nena.

    Neon Noose! Thanks for your cool comment. I'm also loving the gold sandals, they match really well with this dark red nail polish I have on right now. :) Take care!