Monday, November 8, 2010

Hair salons are like restaurants

Okay so I was alone in town, so I decided to party my ass off in a positive way, nothing too dramatic but just to dance the night away and get some energy from those neons lights. So I had to go and wax my arms and all the rest you can image, so that I would be smokin' hot that day. And since I went to bed at 6AM on Friday it was almost impossible to keep my appointment but I got up anyway to go the hair salon on Saturday at 11:00AM. 

I arrive and the host says: Hi how are you would you like to have a coffee while you wait for a second, and I'm like yeah! I need it badly I only slept like 4 hours to get to this place, so a new girl comes in and I tell her, hey how are you with a smile on my face, please do (retouch) my roots "piolita", meaning, I wanted them to be natural and chic enough with a sexy twist. And she grabs my hair and says, damn you have good hair, it seems that you spend cash on it, you use good products, and  I said, yeah I take care of it so please do the piolita look. (that was a nice way of saying, you better not be hatin' so don't fuck it up). 

Then she says, oh you had a vogue haircut before right? and I'm like yeah it's taking me a yearrrrrrrr, to grow so I'm using good products and she goes yeah but we have to really really put it straight 'cause is a bit longer in the front and I was like yeahhh I know, okay lets do it and for the first time cut a bit of bangs, but not much just a bit sexy. And she cuts them like crap. Then I said, so you did an amazing job in the color dept but not soo good with the scissors and she says: yeah cause I'm a colorist, WTF! So why the heck did you wanted to cut my hair then? So this is when I understood something I always knew: That hair salons are like restaurants, the hairdresser acts like a waitress, and will offer you the entire menu just to get extra cash and if it's bad, there is a 95% you'll still gonna tip her. 

Now I have to go somewhere else and redo this bangs and the hair that took me a year,  will take 4 months grow back again. NOTE 1: The picture above should just have the middle finger 'cause that's how I feel of spending 100 bucks and now spend cash again to redo a job. NOTE 2: Is just a picture, I went to another salon, so don't sue me.  NOTE 3: My mom would say: hair grows.


  1. ha ha ha funny picture!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I KNOWWWWWWWWW, I laughed so much with this posts... Actually I only go to the hairdresser when I'm about to destroy my hair, but I only let them cut the endings a little bit and that's all

  3.´s sooooo difficult to get what you really want...

  4. ha ha ha, well I'm glad it made you laugh Martina, it was the truth! I did cut my endings (las puntas) but after she freakin' made her own piece of art, she told me I'm just a colorist, WTF! LOL.

    Gorgeous Clara, I know is so hard to find a hairdresser that understand what you want, I feel that they are on crack or something. :P

  5. :( disapointing yes. funny too but sad. so ur hair is messed up. did u fix the bangs. i would hate to even pay that $100 and have messed up bangs.did u tip her too :(( gosh what a day i would be sooo pissteed if they messed mine up..

  6. true!
    And no, I haven't fixed my bangs, I guess the shampoo helped, I'm gonna leave it that way, I can still hide them at the back of my ears 'cause they are not too short!