Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My second travel goal

My first travel goal was to get lost in a jungle in the Caribbean and feeling free. I never felt so happy in my entire life, I had to be myself, I didn't have to pretend that I had anything but my smile to convince estranges that I was a good human being. This freedom and peace made me want to experience that feeling again and this is where I want to go:

Angkor Wat.  I'm obsessed with this place magical place that was found in Cambodia. I can look at all the details for hours, if you ever wanna travel to a mystical place, this is it!
Angkor is perfect, you'll find so much nature, friendly monks, and locals that  pick these beautiful flowers, respectfully from the ponds. The temples have so much detailed work, truly architectural master pieces. No wonder it took centuries to build all the temples, and one day a H. Mouhout found this hidden in the tropical forest! Imagine the look on his face!  Don't you love how nature takes over this mysterious place?


  1. -WOWW breathe takingg really soo beautiful i luve the tree...:))u know that tuck yearssss thanks for sharing