Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A mineralized glow

Okay let's put it this way: I didn't know what makeup was before I tried MAC. Of course I did know all the crap from drugstores, so I never understood how women looked so beautiful if they were wearing the same makeup that I was wearing LOL! So, I wanted to test, to confirm with my own eyes ,and so one day I decided to invest and  took an appointment with a MAC makeup artist and I sat in that little chair and bumped into a fascinating world with lots of tricks but mostly importantly with the right tools! 

The makeup is so good that I will never go back. Yes it is expensive, but in the other hand, it last a long time so is almost the same thing.  The brushes do all the work and the quality of every single thing is just perfect! 

I have tried a few stuff but this thing is just the best thing a woman can buy. Mineralize blushes give you that glow that you need specially when you are tired. I have Moon River, this product made a huge impact in my makeup kit.  Tip: I put the normal blush and then put this on top to give a fresh healthy looking glow. 

Regarding makeup, I've also tried Bobbi Brown which also works really well, but I haven't tried any other mineralize blush because I just love my Moon River!

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