Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Record Guiness: The tiniest kitchen ever!

Kitchens rock! 

I like all kinds of kitchens, "weird," colorful, elegant, classic, modern etc. I love the relaxed feelings of kitchens,  I think people get to be themselves when  they are cooking , to me is a way of expression. 

I've lived in other 3  places before, and I never thought I'd actually pick this one as my favorite because this is the tiniest one lol! 

I had no choice, either I made it heaven or a living hell that I would complain  daily due to the lack of space. So I decided to make a funtional petite corner! It makes me feel great because it has everything I need and love: everything is brown, black and silver which works great for such a tiny space. It makes it look organized and modern, specially when is the first thing you see when you come inside my apt, so is really easy to keep it organized and cleaned!

I made that black board to write possitive messages / quotes. I love arriving home and reading them after a long day of work, they make me happy as soon as I arrive or need some confidence before leaving home! Note: We all need a little boost of confidence every once in a while :)

When did I start loving kitchens? I think it started in a restaurant... My brother was a chef in a posh restaurant in FL and I would go and seat in one of the stainless steal tables and watch him cook with such a passion. I really loved that everything was silver and nice and neat,  his work place was always spick & span, that's how I started to love stainless steal!  Aww this bring me back such sweet memories; he was always waiting for me with fresh broccoli and whenever he cashed his paycheck he  gave me 100 bucks for clothes when my parents weren't doing that well with their finances, which really made my life when I was a teenayer! 

I still wanna improve it a little bit. I really wanna put more shelves and a place to put my vodka and wine bottles, yay!  I had a picture in my hand and one day I started searching for ideas and I found JUST want I wanted! Maybe the secret is working , he he :)

We will have to hire someone and I don't know how much that's gonna cost but I hope to do it in the near future I 'll post pictures as soon as I make this project happen!

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