Thursday, September 30, 2010

The hot summer days of confidence

Summer is coming up, at least where I live, and I've been trying to double the amount of H20, to avoid the sugar as much as possible but I really can't stop having the addictive bread, seriously, I have one a day but I wish I could have bread just during the weekend, that's my goal. I really wanna be like Asians that have rice for breakfast! 

I really wanna be as healthy as possible, and I mean healthy but is not an easy road you have to make commitments and stick to those no matter what.  Whenever I go to a party and there is no food, I just don't eat crap, that's it. I was never that type of girl but then I decided to make an experiment with my body and this is what happened, my body started to blossom, my skin started to shine, everything started to change even my mood!!! I went to the an "alternative" nutritionist and she gave me these tips:
1) I stopped eating red meat, lambs, pigs, sausages and all that crap.  I've never cheated, it's been 3.5 YEARS and I've never felt better! and I will never go back. I just stick to fish, turkey and chicken every once in a while and I will not get rid of those.

2) Reduced the dairies to the limit. I might have a yogurt once a week, that's it. We do not need milk. Humans are the only human beings that drink milk from another animal until we are OLD!  I already had all the milk I needed when I was a child, so that makes sense. 

3) More water & green tea whenever I have the chance to oxygen my veins. I took Bobbi Brown advice and simple add lemon with no sugar to my water and that gives it a better flavor :P  I don't do this all the time but whenever I don't wanna drink water I use this helpful tip  and it works! Besides you can never have enough vitamin C in your diet, vitamin C rocks!

Results: My legs rock, my skin is glowing, my nails are stronger, my hair is healthy, my boobs are the size I wanted them, my butt is hot like fire! 

Tiny little changes in your life can improve your health, is just something that you know you can do without stress. Life is short, you should eat the things that make you happy, but have a balance. If one day you eat crap, next day detox!

Next goal: Now that I went back to school I haven't had the chance to workout I do dance whenever I hear music on, but  next year I will sign in the gym to achieve all I have in mind.

Whenever I feel good with lots of confidence I reward myself and buy something special, is a prize for sticking to this program which is not easy but "Nothing taste as good as healthy feels" 

Pic: Shingai Shoniwa

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